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To most people who operate their business online, the use of a blog is second nature , but there are copious amounts  of businesses that are not allowing the massive potential available from the internet for sales lead generation to boost awareness of their products  and grow their business, and therefore if this post is talking about you and your business  , then this article is primarily for you.

It is now very common today that , businesses have several strategies in place in which to market their products or services online , but blogging, just like social media, is overlooked by those business owners who see the internet as just another ‘thing’ to contend with. businesses not prepared to change the way they do things, because their current way is the way ‘they have always done it.’   Any Internet Marketeer will look to emphasise the message to this kind of business owner   that it’s through the media of blogging that a business can very quickly increase their web presence and boost the money they make through the internet . It is just a case of knowing how. So if you haven’t already started a blog, you should start one now, without any more delay.  After all, you can blog for free and reap the rewards this type of free advertising can bring.

There are easily more than 100 million blogs in existence out there on the internet with millions being added all the time .  Having a blog as part of its marketing strategy a business can gain loyal readers and potential clients who will subscribe to the blog just to see what is new.  It is vital , therefore to ensure  that the blog is up to date with lively, interesting, and relevant content, which will generate more interest in what you have to say, thereby elevating you as the expert in your niche

How Other Blogs Can Boost Your Income

Once you have started blogging it is recommended that you search for and read other blogs   that are relevant to your niche and comment  on them on a regular basis  for a number of reasons. By doing so you will be able   to  include the URL/ web address  to your  blog in your signature line so that it helps create valuable back links to your own site, thereby helping your search engine ranking and secondly it gives others  the opportunity to read your blog too and begin a relationship with your business.  You will find that it doesn’t matter what business you are in, there are loads of different blogs, covering many different subjects, all within your niche  so you would be wise to read plenty of other blogs within your subject.  You need to comment often, ask questions, and answer questions others have posted. Pretty soon , people will see you as the maven within your niche and people will want to hear what you have to say next.

And it doesn’t matter what your industry or the location of your business is either. take for example a small law firm  situated in industrial minning and milling town in a small  part of England. Based in a town with a population of 146,000. They have increased their business through blogging by getting ranked for the key words Huddersfield Solicitors by placing these keywords on other blogs including commenting on the blogs of other local Solicitors in Huddersfield. So whether you are a lawyer, dentist, car mechanic, plumber or in fact any business, please don’t think blogging can not help you.


Marketing Products Through Your Blog

Of course, any business can market products through a blog; but it is important that you don’t just do this or you will quickly lose the interest of your readers. Guerrilla Marketing is about creating trust and people want information; they want to know how to do something faster, better, easier, or cheaper so by building a strong relationship with your potential clients will in fact allow  them to see you as the business to come to, to make their life easier. You should consider adding video to your blog and it could be feasible to demonstrate your product in action .  If this is the case , this could be a boost to your blog, the sales it obtains and its ranking in the search engines when it comes to helping you in your internet marketing for small businesses. Also look at the possibility of comparing other and similar products on the market, to yours   Why is yours better?  What does it do differently than similar products ? 

What is it about your product that will make the lives of your customer easier? Can you demonstrate to   them this benefit?   If you are able to provide  a solution to a common problem, either capture that solution on video or explain in captivating detail how your product will make their already hectic life easier.

Promoting Your Blog

Now that you have a blog , the next step is to promote it so that it gets the kind of attention that will eventually lead to paying customers.  Be sure to submit your blog to blog directories and promote it through your signature line in other blog posts and forum posts.  Also, make sure you include an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication Feed) on your blog to make it easy for others to subscribe to it.  Be sure to include links and trackbacks for even more blog traffic.

Make sure your blog is search engine optimized so that it is picked up by all the major search engines.  Remember, although keywords and Meta tags are important components of the optimization process, it’s just as important to include interesting and relevant content so that your readers are getting their money’s worth, so to speak.  If your readers find useful information on your blog, chances are that the search engines will like it as well and your potential customers will keep coming back.



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