Dec 152014

Now you can use the same technique used by companies like 37 Signals, Amazon & Walmart to improve the conversion on your sales & optin pages and provide a better experience to your visitors at the same time…

In a minute I will show you how you can optimize your site in a weekend. And no, you don’t have to be a technical genius to do that or have a big budget for hosting servers…

Before I tell you how you can do that here is what the internet giants have to say about the impact your website’s speed can have on your business…

But what really excites me the most is that literally anyone can benefit from website optimization – regardless of the size of their business.

As you can see website’s speed doesn’t only has a direct impact on the conversion on your site but also your search engine rankings.

So if you’ve ever wanted to build a site that ranks high in search engines, converts visitors into buyers, generates revenues for your business as accurate as clock work…

While writing content for your visitors & not for search bots…then this will be the most important message you ever read.

I tried to make money online about 3 years ago after reading an e-book about how to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

That e-book instructed to build a review site for Amazon products using WordPress so I did that – and that’s how I was introduced to WordPress.

However, building WordPress sites was a lot more fun than writing reviews for the products that I never used or even saw in my life.

While learning this I made a lot of mistakes and tried different things on my sites and broke them – the most frustrating part was I used to try on live sites.

A lot of times I got stupid errors that made no sense whatsoever and the only option was coping the whole error Googling it.

Even after finding someone who had a same problem I couldn’t understand how they solve it because code made no sense to me

So I decided to learn the basics of coding (html, php & CSS) – read almost every book there was about WordPress & few about html & php.

And very soon I became pretty good at looking at code & understanding it and was able to edit it – I am not saying I was the best tech guy and could rewrite the whole FB – or anything like that…

So at that point I decided to offer WP services & build sites for others & that’s what I did for about a year.

And, I noticed a pattern about the requirements from clients who wanted to have a site build on WordPress.

And by this time I was very good at both of them but I didn’t have a system in place that I could follow for every site.

So I decided to systematize the process of website optimization & build a step by step…



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