Jan 042015

I just found a list of 100 Twitter applications that you can use to help with your Twitter chores.

I found it on Kelly Sonora’s site about “The Best Online Colleges” at http://www.onlinebestcolleges.com/blog/

Thanks Kelly for a very nice list of Twitter tools. Here they are.

Twitter Analysis

If your goal is to be popular and influential on Twitter, be sure to check out these tools that will tell you how you’re doing.

  • 1. Twitter Grader: Learn your Twitter grade, your local Twitter Elite, and find new people to follow through Twitter Grader.
  • 2. Twitterholic: Check out the top Twitter users and find out your Twitter stats on Twitterholic.
  • 3. TweetStats: TweetStats offers a graphical analysis of your Twitter stats.
  • 4. Twitter Friends: Carefully measure your Twitter conversations using Twitter Friends.
  • 5. Twinfluence: Twinfluence will measure your Twitter influence based on reach, velocity, and social capital.
  • 6. Tweetwasters: Find out how much time you and other users waste on Twitter.
  • 7. Tweet-Rank: Learn about the quality of your tweets by finding out which ones won or lost followers.
  • 8. Mr. Milestone: Get a tweet when you reach various milestones using this Twitter tool.
  • 9. Retweetrank: Find out how many retweets you and other Twitter users have through this service.

Information Gathering

With these tools, you and gather information for market research, blog posts, and your own simple curiosity.

  • 10. Tweetbeep: With Tweetbeep, you can set up alerts that will help you keep track of keywords on Twitter.
  • 11. @myflightinfo: Use @myflightinfo to stay updated on your flight’s status.
  • 12. Twitterverse: Check out archived timelines and tweets through Twitterverse.
  • 13. Twitscoop: Twitscoop shares what’s hot on Twitter at any given moment.
  • 14. Twitbuzz: Twitbuzz tracks the latest conversations as well as popular Twitter links.
  • 15. StrawPoll: Use StrawPoll to make sharing your opinion as easy as sending an @reply.
  • 16. Retweetist: This service ranks the hottest links being retweeted on Twitter.
  • 17. Monitter: Get real time keyword monitoring on Twitter from Monitter.
  • 18. TweetNews: TweetNews ranks stories based on the amount of related tweets.
  • 19. TwitterBuzz: TwitterBuzz will tell you what’s being linked to the most on Twitter.
  • 20. Tweetscan: Set up Tweetscan to make sure you don’t miss any @replies, and to get alerted of your search queries.

Network Building & Management

Find more relevant Twitter users with the help of these tools.

  • 21. Twitter Local: With this service, you can see tweets from Twitter users in a specific location.
  • 22. Twubble: Twubble will expand your Twitter bubble, picking out people you may like to follow.
  • 23. MyCleenr: Sort your friends by their last tweets, and you can get rid of the inactive and useless accounts you’re following.
  • 24. Follow Cost: This tool will tell you how much effort it takes to follow someone.
  • 25. Tweepler: Use Tweepler to organize your tweeps based on whether you’re following them or not.
  • 26. Just Tweet It: Find Tweeple, tools, Twitter bots and more through this directory.
  • 27. TweetWheel: TweetWheel will help you discover which of your Twitter friends know each other.
  • 28. SocialToo: SocialToo will help you keep track of all of the people who have followed or unfollowed you.
  • 29. Twitoria: Reduce your clutter on Twitter by finding your friends that haven’t tweeted in a long time.
  • 30. TwitDir: With TwitDir, you’ll be able to search for people, and exploring categories including top followers and updaters.
  • 31. Who Should I Follow?: Using this site, you can get good recommendations for Tweeps to follow.
  • 32. Nearbytweets: Learn about all of the Twitter users in a specific area with the help of Nearbytweets.
  • 33. Twellow: Find Twitter users in a specific industry using this service.
  • 34. Mr. Tweet: Mr. Tweet is a personal networking assistant for Twitter, helping you find relevant followers.
  • 35. Qwitter: Qwitter will help you manage your network by sending an alert when a person unfollows you.

Twitter Management

Save your time and cull your Twitter list with the help of these tools.

  • 36. Summize: Retrieve information on Twitter quickly to search Twitter in real time.
  • 37. Tweet O’Clock: Trying to reach someone? Tweet O’Clock will help you find the best time to get their attention.
  • 38. Just Signal: Set up a filter using Just Signal to get only the tweets that discuss the keywords you’d like to read about.
  • 39. TweepSearch: Put your Twitter network to good use and search your followers for specific parameters.
  • 40. Friend or Follow: Manage your Twitter contacts and find out who’s not following you back through Friend or Follow.
  • 41. TwitResponse: TwitResponse makes it easy for you to schedule the delivery of your tweets ahead of time.
  • 42. TwitterSnooze: Put the pause button on a particular user for a while with Twitter Snooze.
  • 43. Twitterless: Get notified when someone stops following you with Twitterless.
  • 44. Twilert: Track specific keywords to receive alerts for using Twilert.
  • 45. Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck has a groups function that will help you more efficiently follow the people you really want to listen to.
  • 46. Twalala: Put the mute button on certain people and topics for a while if you are receiving lots of updates you’re not really interested in.

Sharing Tools

Promote your business, share photos, and more using these Twitter tools.

  • 47. Tweetburner: Use Tweetburner to share links, and you can track their usage.
  • 48. Twitpic: Twitpic makes it easy to take mobile phone photos and share them using your Twitter account.
  • 49. TwitterHawk: Get targeted marketing on Twitter through TwitterHawk.
  • 50. Acamin: Acamin makes it easy to share files on Twitter with your followers.
  • 51. Glue: Post links to books, movies, restaurants and more on Twitter through Glue.
  • 52. Ping.fm: This service will update all of your social networks at once.
  • 53. TweeTube: TweeTube makes it easy to share videos on Twitter.
  • 54. twiggit: Use this automated service to share the articles you digg on Twitter.
  • 55. Twisten.fm: Share what you’re listening to on Twitter through Twisten.fm.

Organization & Productivity

These Twitter tools will make your life a bit more streamlined.

  • 56. Twittercal: Link your Twitter account and Google Calendar to easily keep up with your events and appointments.
  • 57. Timer: Use Timer to get reminders about tasks through your Twitter account.
  • 58. TwitterNotes: Organize your notes using Twitter with TwitterNotes.
  • 59. Remember the Milk: Use Remember the Milk on Twitter to update your to do list.
  • 60. Tweetake: Tweetake will back up your Twitter timeline for archiving and more.
  • 61. Nozbe: Nozbe makes it easy to add and update your to do list on Twitter.
  • 62. Toodledo: This popular to do list app integrates nicely with Twitter.
  • 63. TrackThis: Send TrackThis your tracking number, and you’ll get Twitter messages every time there’s a change in location.
  • 64. Joint Contact: Get project management productivity on Twitter using Joint Contact.
  • 65. Tempo: This time tracking tool allows you to send in updates from Twitter.
  • 66. Tweet Later: Tweet Later offers a great way to set up alerts, schedule tweets, send thank you DMs, and more.
  • 67. OutTwit: OutTwit will make it easy for you to use Twitter inside of Outlook.
  • 68. Jott: Jott makes it easy for you to tweet without ever having to type, transcribing your voice message to Twitter.

Life Tools

With these tools, you can work on relationships, life tracking, and more.

  • 69. MyMileMarker: Keep track of your mileage with info sent via Twitter every time you fill up.
  • 70. 21Tweets: 21Tweets offers personal coaching on Twitter.
  • 71. TwtTRIP: Organize your travel plans and find other Twitter travelers on your way with TwtTRIP.
  • 72. Tweet Answers: Twitter Answers makes it easy to ask questions and get answers on Twitter.
  • 73. Twtvite: Twtvite is a simple event organizer that will help you create a tweetup.
  • 74. Vacatweet: Set up an autoresponder for your Twitter account with Vacatweet.
  • 75. plusplusbot: Share when someone goes out of their way to help you, or otherwise make your feelings known using plusplusbot.
  • 76. TrackDailyGoals: Use this site and the #dailygoals hashtag to keep track of your goals every day.
  • 77. ConnectTweet: Put the voices of your group or business together through ConnectTweet.
  • 78. Tweeteorology: Find tweets about the weather in any location through Tweeteorology.
  • 79. DreamTweet: Keep a reminder of your dreams and nightmares, and follow the dreams of others through DreamTweet.

Business & Finance

Use these tools to improve your business and finances through Twitter.

  • 80. Chipin: If you’re raising funds on Twitter, make use of Chipin to set a goal and let your supporters track the progress of the campaign.
  • 81. Xpenser: You can Twitter your expenses to Xpenser and they will be recorded for you.
  • 82. Twittertise: Schedule your tweets and track their clickthroughs with this app designed for Twitter advertising.
  • 83. TwtQpon: Create simple Twitter coupons for your business with TwtQpon.
  • 84. CheapTweet: Get all of the deals, sales, coupons and more being discussed on Twitter through CheapTweet.
  • 85. Tipjoy: Like Chipin, Tipjoy offers a way to create social payments for your cause, content, or people.
  • 86. SalesTwit: Get contact management for Twitter with the help of SalesTwit.
  • 87. Tweet What You Spend: Track your cash in a really effective way using Tweet What You Spend.
  • 88. StockTwits: StockTwits shares the investment discussions on Twitter in real time.


Track your health using these Twitter tools.

  • 89. Qwitter: Update Qwitter to shame yourself into quitting smoking.
  • 90. TweetPlot: Use TweetPlot to chart your food and fitness statistics.
  • 91. Tweetwhatyoueat: Keep a food diary to track what you’re eating every day using Tweetwhatyoueat.
  • 92. gtFtr: Use the gtFtr tool to record your exercise activity on Twittr.
  • 93. SugarStats: Track, monitor, and share your blood sugar through Twitter with SugarStats.
  • 94. FoodFeed: This Twitter-based food log makes it easy for you to track what you’re eating.


Bring your blog life and Twitter life together with these tools.

  • 95. Add to Any: Get your posts shared on Twitter by using Add to Any on your WordPress blog.
  • 96. TwitThis: Make use of this plugin to send Twitter messages about your blog post.
  • 97. MyTwitter: Use the MyTwitter plugin to display your Twitter status on WordPress.
  • 98. Twitpress: Twitpress will send out a Tweet every time you post a new blog entry.
  • 99. TwitterCounter: With this plugin, you can display the number of followers you have on Twitter.
  • 100. TwitterFeed: Announce your blog post on Twitter with a customized message using TwitterFeed.
May 162010

People, I ask forgiveness for not uploading in a while. I have actually had significant computer system troubles and also was incapable to do anything for many days. That obtained me behind with all my job.

I will return to regular, so I wish I could be uploading much more usually now.

Dec 072008

Well I am sure that you have noticed I am using a different theme. I just could not believe the flexibility of the theme, but I guess I should have since the name of it is “Flexibility”.

This new theme is by Ryan Grabenstein and he really did name it right. You can customize everything about this theme. As I said, I didn’t think there was that many thing to change.

Flexibility is an extremely customizable theme for WordPress. Control your blog width, sidebar widths and configuration, blog colors, graphics, background images and so much more. Download additional theme graphics, view tutorials on customization. Even though this theme is free Ryan will be glad to take a donation at FlexibilityTheme.com.

Here is a quote from the author’s page.

What is Flexibility?

Flexibility is a new free theme for WordPress blogs that gives you total creative freedom. Everyone has a different use for their blog and other themes constrain you to a pre-determined width, number of sidebars, or color scheme. Flexibility doesn’t!

How many times have you installed a blog widget only to find your sidebar positioned below your content? It’s because your sidebar is programmed to be a fixed width and the widget is wider than what the theme allows. This breaks your layout and if you don’t know CSS your only choices are to live with it, change themes or not use the widget. Flexibility eliminates this problem and gives you total freedom to customize your blog!

Flexibility theme features

  • Easy-to-use control panel in your WordPress administration
  • Absolutely no need to know CSS, HTML or PHP to completely customize your blog
  • Multiple sidebar options: choose from a stacked sidebar with multiple sub-sidebars or make your sidebar just one column
  • Free add-on graphics available to change as little or as much of your theme as you wish
  • Use custom background and header images including CSS repeat parameters
  • Easily create a full-width header or footer
  • Take advantage of PNG transparency and create entirely new looks – even in IE6!
  • Turn the search box, e-mail subscription, top sidebar and home page feature box on and off
  • Have full control over the color of text, links and hover states
  • Insert Google AdSense ads in 5 positions simply by selecting your color scheme, ad size, and content type
  • Insert anaytics and statistics scripts without touching the code

This just scratches the surface at what can be accomplished with Flexibility! Take a look at the sample blog design gallery at the top of this page (refresh for more) and you’ll see the vast array of options and looks that are possible.

If you you are new to WordPress, this may be a little overwhelming at first as there are so many options. Just take your time and follow the tutorials.

Also it is possible that WordPress version 2.7 will be out before my next post. So keep your eye out for that. I think you will really like it.

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