Dec 162014

Maria asks…

Is right for my site?

I have a client that wants a website that is more complex than ones I’ve done before – basically, they have a company (let’s call it ABC), and this company has multiple sponsors. They want each sponsor to have their own page on ABC’s website (following ABC’s layout, just having the content – text and photos – managed by the individual sponsors) and have them link to their own sites. I need a program that will let each sponsor have their own log-in and content control without messing with any of the code. Is (NOT – the blogging site) right for this? If not, any suggestions? Thanks!!

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Use Joomla. If you opt for a Linux hosting, you should find Joomla ready to deploy from your web hosting provider

Mark asks…

360 blog design nightmares!!!?

I am somewhat disgusted with my 360 blog. I have spent countless hours trying to design it. Yahoo, seems not to give much freedom when it comes to content. I want updating content. most is in javascript.Java is one of the no no ‘s. I would also like to have the videos in a thumbnail view opening in another window. I am at the point of trying to move everything to another space. Will someone please look at my site over and tell me if they have any ideas of what I can do to get it back on track.

just should I start over somewhere else for more control.

How can I save my current work if I go somewhere else?

Where can I build my blog where I have more control?

my blog is

I’m interested in running the open-source WordPress <> blogging software and I was wondering if my yahoo account supported the following:

* PHP 4.2 or greater
* MySQL 4.0 or greater
* The mod_rewrite Apache module


Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Hey! Welcome to 360.

First, I suggest contacting the 360 team via their feedback form at about using code besides HTML. They have a blog which tracks fixes as they are made and has tips for certain features, see .

Keep in mind that 360 is still in beta. So, it seems like many people are incurring problems across the board. Also, they are trying out new things as well – hence “beta.” No feature is set in stone. It is in “test” mode.

Also, there is a Yahoo Group that you may want to join called “Making Your 360 More Interesting” at

Good luck!

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