Dec 162014

Ken asks…

Other sites like

I’m looking for a sites like that features videos of interviews and/or lectures by intellectuals, writers, artists, philosophers, scientists, etc as the main component of their content. I’m not necessarily looking only for political content like the Bloggingheads site typically contains – just anything with smart, interesting stuff.

Herschel Lawhorn answers:


Robert asks…

How can I record video chats the way that does? Ideally, I’d end up with a Quicktime file.

I’m looking to record both sides of a video chat discussion I’m having with my friend on our webcams. We’re using Logitech’s software now, but can easily/happily switch to AIM video chat or Skype or Meebo, or really whatever works!

Ideally, one of us will just hit ‘record’ and we’ll end up with a quicktime file of our discussion that I can view later, send to my friends, post to YouTube, etc.


keywords: AIM, video chat, record video, iChat, videoconference, two-way chat, Stickam, Userplane, buddy list, buddies, skype, video phone call, web video,

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

I think both of you would need a screen capturing program like Camtasia, then you would have to crop both videos and edit (intertwine) them into one file.

Camtasia will output to avi, to make a move you would need Quicktime Pro which will convert it to .mov!

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