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Have you ever searched for anything on the Web? Chances are you have. Do you tend to click on sites that appear at the top most of the page or on the first page, in general? More often than not, you do. This is because we are assured that the first few sites that come out on the first page of your search engine contains the bulk of what you are looking for.

Much is the same for Article Marketing. Many of the consumers looking for articles know that those sites that appear first are the quality sites. Let’s break down “quality sites”? Quality sites are those who have received a high score and thus have been given a high page rank by Search Engine Optimizers. Quality sites are also those who generate a hefty amount of traffic over a period of time. As more people have seen your articles, the better the review for your article market.

Let’s not deny the fact that when people observe that you have a large amount of accounted for visits for your article, the interest of the people rises. As interest is raised, traffic is generated. If you have more to offer to these consumers and if you are able to maintain this interest, then like the snowball technique, people’s referral to your site will just go on and on. But how is this done? If you are starting out, you may not know just where to begin in order to reach that level of exposure you are aiming for. How does an ordinary site become a quality site?

When an ordinary site becomes a quality site, a number of factors have to be considered. First, you have to have a catchy phrase as your title. Make sure though, that the content of your article can be summarized in that one catchy phrase and serve as your title. In this manner, your consumers won’t have to tire themselves of browsing over the length of your article just to see the point you’re trying to make. Consumers want quick results, and having a catchy and informative title will do the trick.

Second, is to generate the necessary amount of traffic. Who would’ve thought that traffic would ever be appreciated? Apparently, in Article Marketing, it highly is. Generating traffic can be easy but it would take several steps. The first step is to distribute your articles. The easiest method is by handing them over to several article directories. These article directories, easily accessible on the web, would be able to give your article as much exposure as possible. Yet, another way for you to accumulate traffic is by having link partners. These link partners would not hesitate to publish your work if they see that they can benefit from it as well. If they assess that your articles have the content that can attract consumers, then they will accept the opportunity. This is because, if the readers of your article enjoyed the content, it is likely that they will also visit the links available on your article. These visits will benefit those link partners.

Another approach to making sure your articles are distributed is by joining several forum sites. These sites have to have some relation to what you’re trying to pitch in your article, because if the forum notices the relativity of your content, then they may just allow you to publish your articles on their sites.

Distributing your articles as newsletters may also serve you well. But in order for you to issue these as newsletters, you have to have worked up an email list worth sending newsletters to and an email list consisting of audiences who would be interested by the content of your article.

Make sure that your articles are distributed to as many publishers as possible. This may serve as another approach to generating traffic. If you send them to only one publisher and wait for the results, your waiting may have ended in vain. So take the initiative and distribute them yourself. The higher responses you have from these publishers, the better chances you have of producing traffic.

Lastly, in distributing articles, specific audiences have to be targeted. If you know who your audience is, you would have a better chance of formulating an article that would hold your audience’s interest. Be aware of your audiences’ accessibility to the Web, as well. If most of your articles are targeted to audiences who have few connections to the Internet, you won’t be generating that much traffic and hence you won’t be seen from the immense competition in the domain.

These are generally the ideas that can be used to assure the exposure of your article to a number of consumers. At the same time, you won’t have to worry of the costs because most of the methods mentioned, offer free advertising. If some of the means you have employed to distribute your articles may require some cash, just think of it as an investment. In Article Marketing, as long as you stay with the idea, you will be raking in profits in time.

May 052015

Thanks for reading this article about article marketing advantages

It’s always good to expand our horizons as online marketers to find new methods for product promotion. It’s interesting that the majority of IM marketers don’t always use particular methods that others have already demonstrated to bring the money home. There is one such approach, article marketing, that has brought tremendous returns for those willing to do the work involved. There have been so many changes and developments in internet marketing, but article marketing will always remain something different in its own right.

First of all, it’s free to do and also is not resource intensive, at all. Simply put, you can realize excellent results that hold their own against practically anything else. Expect to need to be patient, it’s just that if you’re starting out the results will not be overnight. But nevertheless, there are many benefits of article marketing, and we’ll be discussing 3 of them today.

Just like anything else, people use things for different reasons, and with article marketing you’ll find lots of marketers using them to help with search engine positioning/rankings. Articles are a favorite for quite a few online marketers in the way of providing backlinks from article directories and various other Web 2.0 type of sites. The concept is quite basic and simple, although there are permutations of the application; IM marketers submit their articles on various websites around the net which of course creates a backlink. The other benefit of marketing with articles is that when you distribute your articles all over the Internet, you get targeted backlinks to your site. The search engines like to see backlinks that are relevant, and this is what you will get from your articles, enabling your ranking to improve. Your articles will be picked up by relevant sites seeking that kind of information, so if your articles are about golf, they will appear on golf related sites. If your article gets popular and spreads around the web, then your backlinks automatically grow, without you putting any effort. So your articles not only get you direct traffic but also help in getting search engine traffic.

This last discussion concerns what is called, repurposing content, and specifically we’re talking about using articles in your autoresponders, as an example. Of course you will have to select appropriate articles that will serve your intentions with your particular purposes. After you have chosen your articles and made any revisions, such as shortening them, then put into your email management service (autoresponder), and then you’re good to go. As you realize, the key to successful email marketing is to foster and build a level of trust in your list subscribers, and your articles will help you accomplish that. You just need to think out of the box to get the most out of your articles here.

In conclusion, you can achieve great things with article marketing, but you will have to put in some work. If you’re serious, then you should dedicate a good portion of your time and work hard towards making article marketing work for you. It may seem like a lot of effort, but when you consider the potential for long term traffic and publicity, it’s well worth it.

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