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If you are reading this article I am going to assume that you have basic understanding of what affiliate marketing is. I am now going to expand and give you a few ideas on where to advertise your vendors website; some of these may be obvious but others not. All you need to get started is the referral hop link URL and the HTML code the vendor provides.

The first is obvious, your website, blog, tweet, Facebook and/or MySpace. It’s free and easy to make a blog, you can blog about anything you would like-I do suggest though that you do write something on the same topic of the product you are promoting. After every page or so just stick a one liner in something like this:

If you enjoyed my article/blog about so and so then you may be interested in this product. Cheezy I know but it works. I found Facebook headlines work astoundingly well especially if you have a lot of friends.

Just say something like: Hey everyone, I found this great product about. (Insert Product here) you might be interested in. Then when your friends ask you about the product you can promote it even further.

Word of mouth has been proven time and time again the most effective advertising method. Next MySpace makes it very easy to insert the HTML code so I wont give an in depth explanation. As for twitter, tweet to your hearts content about your product.

Now that we have the most common methods out of the way lets look at some others. Forum signatures, writing reviews on products, eBooks, yahoo answers, and Google AdWords. Other offline methods are friends, business cards, flyers, posters, and classified ads. Lets start with forum writing and the signatures, if you are an avid forum poster then this could be one of the best free ways around.

For those of you who do not know what a forum signature is, it what always appears at the bottom of your posts. Now lets say now that you are promoting a movie website. You can start by compiling a list of movie forums, then you search the forums for every place that a user asks for a good site to watch streaming movies. You then come to there aid-or so they think and give them a totally unbiased representation of your product, or so they think. The same is true for yahoo answers.

The next great way to promote products is to write reviews of the products at places such as Google products. Again give an “unbiased” review of your product.

Google AdWords is a CPC program or cost per click which is almost guaranteed to get you traffic, but there is a catch. You will get a lot more traffic but you are paying for it.

I will go into even more techniques in my next article!

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EvoMarketplace Publishes an Exclusive Payday Loan Offer for Affiliate Marketers

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

EvoMarketplace recently released an exclusive payday loan offer, 24HourPayAdvance, to affiliate marketers in its affiliate network. This exclusive offer pays publishers $ 55 for every referred lead that signs up on 24HourPayAdvance’s website. In addition, publishers have the possibility of receiving significantly higher payouts for high quality leads. Currently some publishers earn as much as $ 110 per lead.

The offer is run exclusively by EvoMarketplace. This popular high-converting offer could be very interesting to publishers related to the finance vertical.

24HourPayAdvance allows various traffic types, including banners, contextual, email, mobile, social, search and pops. In addition to the competitive payout of $ 55 per action, publishers are ensured on-time payment with a payment term of NET15. Publishers are also granted access to EvoLead’s premium tracking platform to gain real-time reports on their ad performance.

EvoMarketplace is a cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate network, developed and run by the Montreal-based performance marketing company EvoLeads. EvoMarketplace interconnects advertisers (merchants) and publishers (affiliate marketers) to a common platform. EvoMarketplace differs to the common affiliate networks as it joins together multiple affiliate networks. Advertisers have their messages exposed to more potential consumers, while publishers gain access to greater array of offers.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of the trending performance-based marketing. Affiliate marketing is built upon the popularity of the Internet in recent decades. By working with online influencers (i.e. publishers) such as blog owners, advertisers are able to broaden their marketing channels to millions of daily Internet users. Publishers are rewarded with commissions for the traffic they generate for the advertisers. This new marketing method provides mutual gains with low risk to both advertisers and publishers.

EvoMarketplace is the intermediary between the advertisers and the publishers, allowing the flow of the affiliate marketing mechanism. By joining EvoMarketplace, advertisers looking to improve their marketing efficiency and publishers wishing to monetize on their online presence can both enjoy the great returns of affiliate marketing.

About EvoLeads

EvoLeads is a Montreal-based affiliate marketing company, which aims to revolutionize the affiliate market. The company provides a cutting-edge and cost-effective SaaS-based online marketing tracking solution as well as an Evo Marketplace platform. As a young company EvoLeads constantly seeks to make innovations in products and services.

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