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Whether you are a lazy (or proactive) affiliate marketer, blogger or stay-at-home individual looking to turn the Internet into your own ATM, prepare to fill your pockets with cash.

If you want to make money online, there are three things you have to forget about, right now while you are reading this; I am talking about the fact that…

• You do not need to fret about Google banning your site • You do not need to be a “techie” genius to generate passive online income • You do not need to buy expensive programs or software tools you do not understand

If deep down in your heart you feel there is still hope and you are looking for a better, easier and far profitable method to put cash in your pocket, then modern autoblogging can be that proven method you have always looked for. It works for me and it can work for you too.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Walter Bayliss, I created InstantBlogSubscribers and have had the cool feeling of being totally blown away by how successful blogging can be. I have a very talented development team behind me and (luckily) all the crazy Ideas that I come up with… They Make happen.

We have some incredibly HUGE things in development. Taking lessons learned and putting time into WordPress developments that will knock your socks off. Plugins, Themes and tons of other stuff that will have you making money day and night. As we have been putting this together, through trial and error, I have put lots of different things in practice and as of right now and I make a comfortable profit with JUST the simple blogs I created in WordPress that put money in my bank account, day in day out, without me lifting a finger.

This information has been created to bring in CASH – with very little input on my part… But there are things that are needed, old techniques don’t work and things needed to change…

You see, the difference between me and other marketers or bloggers is that I am in for the long haul. Yes, I build blogs for long term and they last. That means I play by the Google rules and still make a bunch of money. I worry not about getting banned because I am “fair play” – and will show you how to apply my money-making model to your own blogs and reap the gains.

You can make money day and night without worrying about competition, customer support or product marketing. This method works completely or almost on auto-pilot, depending how you make it work for you.

And once you setup the system right, as I am about to share with you in my little ebook, then you can sit back and collect the cash, or start new autoblogs following the same method…

Imagine starting one blog that makes you only $100 per month (realistically talking, this is more probable than starting 10 blogs and make a measly $5 a month)

When you have an easy system making you $100 a month with a single blog, only then you can duplicate the process and do it over and over again – create one blog a month that makes $100 on semi auto-pilot (as you will have to mange the blog a few hours or maybe a few short days a month) – then build a second next month.

At the end of the year, you will probably have 12 blogs making each $100 per month. Let us do the math now and see why this is nothing spectacular yet do able: 12 blogs making $100 per month each means you could be making $1,200 at the end of the year, per month.

I do not know about you, but do you get paid $14,400 just by working a few hours a day and maybe take off a few weeks every 2 or 3 months to go in vacation?

Now, results are not guaranteed, nobody can promise you for sure how much you will make; only you can decide, experience and experiment by testing and trying the method we propose here.

However, you have two choices, you can continue going the same old route, leaving the same lifestyle as you do in the present, work the day or night JOB, and receive the same salary, or – you can try auto-blogging for 2 years and potentially make (at least) double or triple your salary, working half or less than you do as we talk.

This 39-page NO-FLUFF, easy to digest report tells the truth about auto-blogging and why modern auto-blogging is the key to making money on the Internet.

It comes in PDF format so you can download on your computer or mobile system and read it in 45 minutes (or even in 15 minutes if you are a skimmer).

It is created with YOU in mind, thus making it “easy” to implement the details inside, step-by-step, even if you have little blogging knowledge or skills.

Here are a few things I wanted to mention here that you can find inside AUTOBLOGGING INSIDER’S TRACK:

• The modern auto-blogging concept and content model – what I do that makes me money (see page 5)

• Niche/product and keywords selection – this will make or break your auto-blog even before you are starting out (flip to page 10)

• Why you should never (did I say never?) place Google Adsense code/ads on your auto-blogs – find better, safer and far more profitable ways to monetize your content

• Discover why ClickBank is not the ideal way to make money with your blog – this fact will sound shocking for some!

• A quick-start game plan: how to pick your niche, keywords, domain name and revenue source – in a heartbeat – and do it right! (discover all this starting with page 17)

• How to “hide” your sites even from your fiercest competitors and stop them “reverse engineering” your entire blog network (see page 19)

• An easy way to mask files and pages you do not want Google and other search engine…

Dec 152014

Mary asks…

could someone explain to me exactly how I would make money blogging?

I am a little confused on exactly how I would make money by blogging, I mean who pay me and how, once I blog who come to my page and how do I get them there. I really appreciate if some one could break it down for me.


Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Most die-hard bloggers have heard that you can make money blogging, but some don’t realize how easy it can be. From Google Adsense to pay per post deals, it’s never been easier to make money blogging. But should a blogger sell out to a pay per post or add revenue site? What are the most popular pay per post blog revenue sites to make money blogging today?

Blogitive, at http://www.blogitive.com is a pay per post site that offers jobs on a first come, first served irregular basis. When clients buy advertising, the jobs are posted, and the first bloggers to accept the jobs get them. Pay is $5 per post, but a little creative writing work is necessary to get blogitive to accept a blog posting. You are given a lengthy press release, and you must incorporate it into your blog along with a link to the client. You must only use one client link, which is attached to a special keyword. Blogitive pays decently, and is somewhat reliable with payment. Jobs are infrequent, but the more blogs you have listed with blogitive, the better your chances of obtaining a job will be. They pay every dime you make money blogging through paypal.

Bloggingads, at http://www.bloggingads.com is a startup blog pay per post site. They also pay $5 through paypal per ad. They offer the entire ad, which can be copied word for word and pasted into the blog, or you can make the ad your own by altering it. It is an easy way to make money blogging. Bloggingads does not have a lot of jobs to offer, but they pay for the test blog entry. Unlike blogitive, bloggingads puts their client / blogger information on the same page. Blogitive puts its client advertisements on a separate site that is not attached to the blogger base.

Blogsvertise, at http://www.blogsvertise.com is a newer blog pay per post site. Blog sites must be approved, and topics are assigned to members. They do not offer a press release. You must check for tasks, and they pay through paypal. This site is not necessarily for link exchange, but more so for buzz growth. They pay ten dollars for an entry, which is a good rate to make money blogging, but if the quality of the blog increases, pay increases. They are not too selective with blogs as long as they are blogs with real writing in it and not bot writing.

Pay Per Post, at http://www.payperpost.com is a blog revenue site that is very selective with the blogs it chooses, but assignments are easy. The problem with pay per post is that they do not always make clear regulations, they have a tiny link to track blog posts, which leads to confusion, and they are not very user-friendly for all bloggers. In addition, they require a lot of personal information to submit your blog, a practice that has bloggers leery of their practices. Some feel that pay per post is an awful way to make money blogging. Pay per post pays relatively well depending on the project. Some offer over ten dollars for the post. Of course, these sites are only for pay per post. There are other ways to make money blogging like Adsense, pay to blog which is basically a glorified blog site. The pay per post sites are great because a blogger can use a little bit of time and make a nice amount of grocery money. As clients increase, pay per post jobs become more frequent, which is quite nice for those who make money blogging. The problem with pay per post blogging is basic. If you want to make adsense money, it is likely that your blog will be picked on eventually as an SEO link spammer.

Some will not make money blogging both with Adsense and pay per post. To keep this from happening, a lot of blog for cash sites suggest against the pay per post types of revenue sites if your Google ranking is better than five. Proponents of pay per post sites clarify that Google Adsense is often a limited venture, with very little revenue possible for most bloggers, so why not pay per post to make money blogging. Pay per post does tend to look funny on some blogs, and others it is basically used as a writing challenge or fun game of “Let’s see how I can get this ad to fit in my blog.”

The more serious of bloggers try to keep one “virgin blog” without advertisements of any kind and then run a few revenue blogs at the same time. For the prolific, this arrangement can net a little extra money and prove to be a great diversion. Pay per post sites are yet another way to make money blogging, a trend that is certain to grow as bloggers and companies needing the buzz of the blog unite for mutual benefit. If you want to make money blogging, all you need is a blog, some time, and the willingness to participate.

Chris asks…

How can I make money blogging?

I just got a great idea for a blog. Any good sites for me to blog on? Would it be better to start my own website/domain? What are the ways I could make money from blogging? Is it solely advertising?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

First off, definitely get your own domain name, it will be a lot better for you in the long run. As far as monetizing a blog, there are many different ways, you mentioned advertising which is the obvious choice, however you need a large amount of traffic to make a decent amount of money with advertising. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money, depending on your niche. Amazon and eBay have programs that allow you to show products on your site, and get a % based commission off every sale made. You can also sign up with an affiliate marketplace, like Click Bank – they have many different products you can sell in a variety of niches. Some of them pay as high as 75% commission. You can also run a membership site, where some of the content is free, and the rest is hidden unless you are a paid member. Again you’ll need a decent amount of traffic for this, and really good content.

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Dec 152014

Robert asks…

Which blog site should I use? Blogger vs. WordPress And what should I include in said blog?

So, I’ve heard it depends on what kind of blog you are going to create. I want to create a blog, but it’s going to be kind of random, no select theme. I’m interested in a lit of things, you know? Like video games, political interests, theology/atheism, sci-fi, fantasy(like books and television), dealing with my eating disorder, I’m kind of a foodie, I’m really into my studies, I am very much into biology, anthropology and astrophysics as well… see, there are so many things.
First of all, what could I include in my blog? Is it good that my interests are so diverse? And should I use Blogger or WordPress, judging by my interests?
Sorry, I’m a blogging noob.
oops, second sentence at the end, I meant *lot

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

It’s the best to write on what you’re passionate about.

These are some of the most popular free blogging platforms:
1. Posterous http://posterous.com/
2. Tumblr http://www.tumblr.com/
3. Blogger http://www.blogger.com
4. WordPress http://www.wordpress.com

Just choose one which you like the most.

If you want to create a real website like www.yourwebsite.com you need to get paid hosting and a domain name like one of these: http://www.tophostingpicks.com

iPage has the best offer right now.
Their standard price is $84/year ($6.95) but they have
a 50% sale, one year of hosting for $42.00.
(a free domain name like yourwebsite.com is included)

They also include a free point & click online site builder so you can create a website without any programming (easily, just by drag and drop) or you could install WordPress (they include easy, one click install from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

They also have a great custom control panel with OneClick installs of all the popular software like WordPress, Joomla, Forums, Chat, Galleries, Online stores and a lot more.

Mark asks…

Which is the better site to blog?

Hopefully I’m in the right category…

I’m trying to decide between WordPress and Blogger, I was told that they the best blogging websites out there and they are free. I basically want to blog about poetry and reviews on books and just network with people who share those interests. I’m not looking for a social networking site, I’m already on them. Also, it would be great if the site is public so that anyone can read the blogs and you don’t have to be a member.

Thanks for taking the time:)

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

WordPress.com, it’s the best for sure
Protect your Privacy with Private Domain Registrations
Protect your Privacy with Private Domain Registrations
24/7 Support
Free Features
WordPress Apps
VideoPress Video Sharing
Popular Tags
Much, much more

Yes you can change the color of the layout and edit the css(If you know how) and who would want Google Adsense anyway, not me for sure

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