Aug 292015
CloudBerry Lab

The CloudBerry Backup Bare Metal Edition is a product of CloudBerry Lab Inc. They have several very excellant programs available.

They offer solutions for the smallest computer user to the largest Enterprise Corporations and all sizes in between.


Here is how their company page explains there operation and I quote.

"Established in 2008 by a group of experienced IT professionals, CloudBerry Lab™ provides cloud-based backup and file management services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

CloudBerry’s offerings include powerful, easy-to-use backup management capabilities and military-grade encryption using customer-controlled keys. Customers can choose to store their backup data with more than 20 online storage providers, including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, HP Cloud, Rackspace, IBM Softlayer and others. CloudBerry also partners with thousands of VARs and MSPs to provide them with turnkey, white-label data protection services.CloudBerry Lab is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner

I was lucky enough to find them through Google. I had been using a S3 browser to view my backup files of my websites on Amazon S3, but was not happy with it, so I decided to upgrade to their pro version. That was a mistake. My bank called to say I was trying to pay a company that was in a country that they did not normally allow payments to go to. I told them to forget it and I would find something else. That was when I when to Google and searched for "Free Amazon S3 browser". CloudBerry Explorer was the first one with a green check mark, so I decided to give them a try and boy am I glad I did. Their free version is 100 times better than what the paid version of my other browser had. After using CloudBerry Explorer for a while with complete satisfaction, I decided to give their computer backup program a try. I was happy to find that you have complete control of how the backup works. They give you about three default plans to try so you can see how they work and then you can design your plan to work exactly how you want it to.

As they say in their about page, they offer more than 20 online storage providers that you can backup your computer data and store it there. I had already been backing up my websites to Amazon S3 so I decided to use Amazon S3 for my computer backup storage as well, but you can use any storage service that you like.

Another very important point for me was the fact that they will give you a free 15 day trial and then if you decided to buy, you pay a onetime fee of $199.99 plus of course what ever your storage costs are and they are very little. A lot of the companies offering backup service charge a monthly fee and you are locked in to one storage provider. That can be a big disadvantage.

Here are the main features of the CloudBerry Backup Bare Metal Edition system.

  • Image-based Backup
    Block-level volume snapshots are taken and sent directly to the cloud, allowing dissimilar hardware or virtual machines restores.
  • Scheduling and Real-Time Backup
    Build flexible backup schedule or setup real-time backup for files and folders on change or creation.
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
    Encrypt backups with up to 256-bit strong keys on source side. All data sent to the cloud is encrypted using the SSL protocols to protect while it is in transit.
  • Compression
    Reduce data overhead, decrease storage costs, aid bandwidth and accelerate backup completion with optional compression.
  • Cloud and Local Backup
    Backup to cloud storage of your choice or set up local backup if you want to send only a subset of your data to the cloud and keep the rest on your local backup storage.
  • Block Level Backup
    Backup only modified or new portions of files to add them to existing online data pool.
  • C# API and Command Line Interface
    Get backup plan statistics programmatically and use the Command Line Interface to integrate backup with your own routines.
  • Multiple Cloud Storage Support
    Choose one of the supported public cloud storage, including: Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Windows Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, Google Storage, HP Cloud, SoftLayer and other.
  • Network Locations Backup
    Back up your network locations including network shares, NAS devices, mapped drives, etc.
  • Cloud to Cloud Backup
    Back up data from one cloud storage location to another. Use multiple cloud storage destinations to keep your cloud data backups.
  • Cloud to Local Backup
    Automate backup of the cloud data to local storage, external or network drive.
  • Email Notifications
    Set up customizable email notification feature to track each run of your backup and restore plans remotely.
  • Purge
    Set up Purge options to enable automated deletion of outdated data from your storage. Keep only actual versions of your backups.
  • Backup Consistency Check
    Monitor your backup consistency in cloud storage.

One thing to keep in mind is the first original complete backup can take days if not weeks to complete, depending on how much data you have on your computer. But, this is true of any online backup system that backs up to the cloud.

After the original backup, then you will be just backing up files that change if you chose to do it that way. But again with CloudBerry, you have complete control over how you do your backups. That I love.

So if you are looking for a great online backup system, I would highly recommend the CloudBerry Online Server Backup system. So take their 15 day trial, what have you got to lose.

Here is the link to give it a try:

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