Dec 162014

William asks…

WordPress Website?

I want to turn the site at into a wordpress cms website. The question is how do I make the site look exactly the same? I don’t want to change the style, I just want to make editing it easier!!

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

I checked your website the design is pretty simple.. You need to install wordpress and create a theme. You can copy the default theme and make changes in


and mainly in


I am using wordpress for my website and I created this theme.

If you need any help creating the theme you have you can mail me.. I am a web-developer by passion not profession so all help from will be free 🙂

Best Of Luck!!

David asks…

How to install recaptcha on your wordpress website?

I want to install recaptcha on my wordpress website but I have no way of knowing how because the website of the owner is under construction.

Does anyone know how to install it? It’s for the comment box on my website.

Any suggesstions will be appreciated
Many thanks

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

There are heaps of form handling plugins available for WordPress and many of these make it very simple to add Captcha Capabilities. My own personal favourite is “Contact Form 7” which does have a Captcha capability and plenty of other features.

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Dec 162014

Donna asks…

Why is TNA assumed to be “inferior” by many people?

Slammiversary was the best PPV for a long time by both WWE and TNA yet people are calling it terrible. Is this a typical case of shotsighted WWE fan boys, has Michael Cole been blogging again?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

People call TNA inferior because it is inferior to WWE right now as far as popularity goes, I mean WWE gets like 3million viewers and TNA gets roughly 1million viewers. Now I am a fan of both companies and personally I enjoy TNA more than WWE these days because TNA is TV-14 and not PG so I can see blood, swearing and some hardcore wrestling.

As far as Slammiversary goes, it was good even some of the matches that I thought would be lame were actually pretty good like Kendrick vs Doug Williams and Jay Lethal vs AJ. However I wouldn’t go as far to say that it was the best ppv in a long time by TNA or WWE, I personally think Wrestlemania 26 was better than Slammiversary, but not by far.

Steven asks…

should i start video blogging . . . ?

hey ! so im a teenage girl. and i recently got inspired to start video blogging because i love watch the 5 awesome girls vlog and the 5 awesome guys vlog. and i really want to give it a go. apparently they all ended up making tons of friends within the youtube community and its a great experience. bt im kind of nervous. should i try it?

should i start one by myself or with someone else? how do i get a lot of subscribers? is it safe? please tell me some information . . . and if you are a teenage girl or boy with a video blog that i can watch. alright thanks !

Herschel Lawhorn answers:


If its what you want to do.

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Dec 162014

Maria asks…

free wordpress blog themes?

I need some recommendations on free downloadable WordPress blog themes. I’d like to have the following included in a theme:

– SEO optimized
– featured video section
– widget ready
– web 2.0 compatible
– customizable

help please?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

You may visit my blog if you like that theme or may look into the list.

Mary asks…

What are the best Personal Blog Themes (WordPress)?

Hi, I would like to know what are the best personal themes (easily handle and free) .. Any help will be great!

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Try on

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Dec 162014

Thomas asks…

How do I remove A JS/Downloader.agent virus from my website?

I am hosted with Dreamhost & use WordPress blogging software, my site has recently been flagged as having malware by both Firefox & Google. I checked &it has downloaded a JS/Downloader.agent virus onto my computer in my Temporary Internet File via “wp-stats[1].htm”.

I tried upgrading to the newest WordPress software but it didn’t help, any suggestions?
The above replies are all specific to a local trojan/virus infection. My question is in regards to a website hosted with a 3rd party company. Of course I have tried downloading my website files & scanning them, but it seems to be hiding in the dynamic content, possibly in my CGI Bin?
The website in question is: Prefect DOT ca.

Please do not visit though unless you have adequate antivirus running.
Resolved the problem myself. Apparently I had to find all instances of javascript that was maliciously embedded in my source code, delete it & revise my admin password to be more secure. I also upgraded to the latest wordpress software & reloaded it. that seems to have solved my problem.

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Install Clamwin.

ClamWin is a Free Antivirus for Microsoft Windows
that uses the GNU General Public License by the Free Software
Foundation and is free (as in freedom) software.


How to configure ClamWin

Update the latest anti-virus definition files.
Set the preferences to remove virus .
Set up a schedule daily scan for all hard drives for viruses.

Sharon asks…

wordpress 3.0 beta2 HELP please!!?

so, i am brand new to this blogging thing.
I was going around trying to add things on the background and i clicked on “themes” in my dashboard, well having done that, i immediately lost my “background” option under appearances in my dashboard.
ALL i want is to get that tab back. I have been searching the net, forums and documentations trying to troubleshoot this but to no avail!! HOW can i remove a theme when there is no option to?? it only lets me replace theme with THEME!! also, i did have the default “twenty ten” and now i can’t even find it…can anyone please help me!? why is this so confusing??

please, just let me know how i can get my background option back, i tried going to edit also, and it wouldn’t add it!!

thanks in advance for your time!

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

If you’re using a beta version (never use a beta version unless you are prepared for bugs), your best bet is to ask in the WordPress forums.

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Dec 162014

Donald asks… ???????????????????????????

I Have a blog account on I want to del it but how??? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP

Herschel Lawhorn answers:


Sharon asks…

I want to know how to do some things on
I want to know how to =
1. Put Photos on my profile
2. Put a counter on my blog to see how many people visit
3. Make everything on one page
4. A direct link to my email address for people to send emails
5. Anything else that’s cool!
Here is an example of what I want mine to look like – On this website I also want to know how to put the personalized picture on the top with the markers, ribbon, stamps, etc.
I will choose a best answer! Thanksyou!

Herschel Lawhorn answers: is a great choice and run by google. When you log in everything you need and ask in your question can be found on the dashhboard. Check into all the widgets available to attach on page. The ones you want to assemble and choose location for more that one of the same widgets are HTML/JAVASCRIPT. With this one, you can add almost any third party widget. ALSO, you really should start to save your favorite websites in GOOGLE READER. Just add two buttons to your favorites bar and when at any page with RSS, click. THEN at, add the widget for BLOG ROLL< RSS FEED copy code> paste to blogspot HTML widget and position at the longest spaces available on your blog.

VISIT my #1 blogspot and stay and study how it is assembled with little guides leading you to the next information. Also, VOTE MY BLOG BEST HOBBY BLOG, please. THERE is a badge near top of page.

Twitter me: tikitoons

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Dec 152014

Lisa asks…

First Time Blogger WordPress Tips/Advice?

I have finally decided that yes I want to create that blogging website using WordPress but I am now after any advice/good websites/Tips with reference to Blogs.

I want to read about anything I can, from blogging language to raising search engine ranking.

Everything Welcome

Thanks In Advance

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

The best tip I can give is to not edit your thoughts, so to speak. As soon as you decide the topic for an entry, just type. Whatever ccomes to mind, type it. Only go back and edit the grammer, seplling and word-choice. Do NOT second guess your thoughts. People read blogs for opinions, and too often I see “bloggers” trying to say what they think people will want to read, and then they end up losing readers. If I wanted facts on a sports game, I would go to ESPN, but I want a perspective of “someone like me”. Keep true to that and you will do fine.

Its also a good idea to have some weekly item in your Blogs. Like, ever week you have a certain type of entry about something. A very basic example is just a joke of the week, but do soemthing thats not so lame. Just something that readers can expect to see each week and keep them comming back. My Friends and I had a blog that we had a section each week for the top 3 “one-liners” we either said or heard throughout the week. This got a bunch of commentary about people laughing over the quotes we put in. Weekly events is a great way to attract blog readers.

Good luck!!

Chris asks…

Blogging and SEO Question: Blogger?

Our company got a blog that is through Blogger but hosted through our domain. Transferring into WordPress or something else is not an option right now. I just notice that the blog pages are 3 levels down in the directory, and I worry that the Googlebots and other search engine robots will not find these blogs.

The goal was to have lots of blog writing, have lots of words indexed by the search engine, and more long tail visibility.

Any tips on how to make the blog show up one level down?

One more thing, there is little icon from Feedburner on our home page that randomizes blog entries to click on, however, it goes to the feedburner site, shows a bunch of feeds and you have to click to get to the blog. I am afraid this is not as direct for the purposes of SEO as we would want.

Any blogging experts out there with answers? Thank you kindly. Lani

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Sign-up for Google Webmaster Tools and you can find out the best practices for getting indexed and monitoring your results. Yahoo and MSN have similar programs.

Regarding URL structure, I wouldn’t worry a ton about it right now. Google owns Blogger, I don’t think they’d put you in a bad spot. Focus on writing quality content and staying on topic.

In Feedburner you can adjust that under “Publicize > Subscription Management.” Google owns FeedBurner too.

Good luck!

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Dec 152014

Richard asks…

wordpress blog?

i have my blog . can i use wordpress softwre to write on my blog?if yes how?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Your blog is on wordpress and you are asking if you can use wordpress software to write on your blog? 🙂

You need your admin login details to get into the cms.

It will look like this:
admin / demo

Laura asks…

WordPress Blog…?

I keep trying to upload a custom header image on my wordpress blog but everytime I try the to choose a file… the “choose” button ,when the page loads, appears in the correct spot for a second and then moves lower down and a grey box appears over it and I can’t click on it..what is wrong? if it helps I have a mac and use safari as my browser…

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

You should’ve mentioned which theme you’re using, because some themes want you to upload the image directly from your computer and some wants the url. Also, all the themes have different file size requirment.
The problem you’re having, I think, it’s because of the activex controls and all. Try a different browser, but as far as I know, firefox would do it.
No, it’s the same if you’re using a mac. The OS doesn’t have anything to do with it. But one thing is for sure, if you’re on windows NEVER EVER use the windows version of safari. It might be real fast on Mac, but it’s slow as hell on windows. So, don’t even think about it. I know that wasn’t what you were asking, but that’s a good thing to know, right?
So, first, try to reset aaallll the settings of your internet browser (IE / Firefox / Opera / whatever). If it doesn’t work, try to use another browser. And make sure you leave all the settings to default when it asks you.

I hope I’ve helped you,
If you have any questions, email me.
Good Luck

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Dec 152014

Lisa asks…

How does work and what would be benefits of having a radio show on it?

I want to get more clients for my business, but I’m not sure if a radio program on this site would help attract clients—or if I have the technology to do a radio show.

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

You will not get any benefits from making a show on I find most people sign on to that when they feel they have some talent to be an on air talent for radio. That means people only sign up for that to use as air checks or to practice to one day apply for a radio position. Once you sign on to that, you still need to make your own radio talk show imaging which are all the effects most radio talk shows have. This is more time consuming for someone who needs to spend more time on another business they have.
The best thing you should do is just get $200-$400 together and contact a local radio station in your town. Make sure that the station you contact targets the demo you are trying to attract to your business and make sure they run the ads only when your business is open. I’ve seen people throw $200-$400 at a local radio station and they had their commercials run all month. Now if you want to take a more personal approach to promoting your business on the radio, look into sponsoring a show feature. I’ve seen them go as low as $200-$500.
A show feature is something they have within a radio talk show, Example: The Top 5 at 5, Music Count Downs, Crazy News and even Traffic! The way they will announce you as a sponsor is, “Ok, and now for the news.” The News is brought to you by….Your Business!
They might even just mention it from time to time within the hour. Most mentions go from 15 to 30 seconds each time. Make sure you create a copy points for them. Copy Points are specific information you want them to mention every time they mention your business. Example: Open from 9am-5pm every Mon thru Saturday, Check out our Dollar Menu or Call us for your car repairs today at 415-555-5555 ask for Bob!
Most radio show sponsors run on a weekly to Monthly basis or sponsor some t-shirts for the local radio station. Look into making 100 to 150 t-shirts for the radio station with their logo on the front and your business printed on the back side or on the sleeve. Most of the time they will do it. Remember every time they pass out a station t-shirt they will be passing out your business, think of it as if they are passing out your flyers! Most businesses look more professional because they gain their listeners trust that way and it’s a plus if it’s the Same kind of people you are trying to attract to your business.

Robert asks…

Why am I getting a runtime error on BlogTalkRadio?

Im on

and im trying to listen to my friends radio stream.

but everytime i click “play/listen live”

its will go to his page, it will take like 2min to buffer, than it says

Runtime Error!
program files/internet explorer/IE7

or something like that. Please help! Let me know what this means and how to prevent it from happening again.

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

First, you need to know that BTR has terrible coding, and far too many ads (some of which at first put trojans on puters!)

Second, that the only browser that seems very successful with BTR is Firefox….

I am exploring options (as that first answer to you is an ad, not a solution to the runtime error you are having) and will post again in the next 24, but I have a temp solution for you!

Take the URL of the show, open your media player once they go to air, and select File —> Open URL

Paste the URL, and add DOTmp3 (.mp3) and hit enter.

You wil now hear the show live in your player. Then go to the show as a logged in BTR member, and when the page loads, hit STOP on the file asap in the embedded player — that is where your error is coming from! Then you can chat at the bottom of the screen live, while listening through your player *smiles*

Back soon with any other discoveries… Or you can use Firefox, LOL!

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