Mar 272015
CloudBerry Drive

The CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 is a product of CloudBerry Lab Inc. They have several programs available.

They offer solutions for the smallest computer user to the largest Enterprise Corporations and all sizes in between.


Here is how their company page explains there operation and I quote.

"Established in 2008 by a group of experienced IT professionals, CloudBerry Lab™ provides cloud-based backup and file management services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

CloudBerry’s offerings include powerful, easy-to-use backup management capabilities and military-grade encryption using customer-controlled keys. Customers can choose to store their backup data with more than 20 online storage providers, including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, HP Cloud, Rackspace, IBM Softlayer and others. CloudBerry also partners with thousands of VARs and MSPs to provide them with turnkey, white-label data protection services."

I was lucky enough to find them through Google. I had been using a S3 browser to view my backup files of my websites on Amazon S3, but was not happy with it, so I decided to upgrade to their pro version. That was a mistake. My bank called to say I was trying to pay a company that was in a country that they did not normally allow payments to go to. I told them to forget it and I would find something else. That was when I when to Google and searched for "Free Amazon S3 browser". CloudBerry Explorer was the first one with a green check mark, so I decided to give them a try and boy am I glad I did. Their free version is 100 times better than what the paid version of my other browser had. I have been using CloudBerry Explorer for a quite a while now with complete satisfaction so, I decided to give their computer backup program a try. I was happy to find that you have complete control of how the backup works. They give you about three default plans to try so you can see how they work and then you can design your plan to work exactly how you want it to. So now I am very happy with both of the CloudBerry programs.

As they say on their website:

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 provides a user interface to Amazon S3 accounts allowing to access, move and manage files across your local storage and S3 buckets. File browser for Amazon S3 by CloudBerry is available in two versions – Freeware and PRO. PRO version comes with all the freeware version features plus advanced features like source side encryption, compression, multipart upload, multithreading, content compare, upload rules and more.


Another very important point for me was the fact that they will give you a free 15 day trial and then if you decided to buy, you pay a onetime fee of $39.99 plus of course what ever your storage costs are and they are very little.

Here are the main features of the CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3.

  • S3 Bucket Management
    Create, browse, delete buckets and share them with other Amazon S3 users.
  • IAM Manager [PRO]
    Create and manage IAM policies, users and groups in a few clicks, without using the Amazon control panel.
  • CloudFront Manager
    Configure and manage CloudFront distributions, streaming distributions, object invalidation, root objects and more.
  • Encryption and Compression [PRO]
    Enable extra security for your data with a unique user password and encryption before sending files to S3.
  • PowerShell and Command Line Interface
    Automate with PowerShell snap-in and Command Line Interface
  • Multipart Upload and Multithreading [PRO]
    Transfer FAST with PRO. PRO versions splits large files into smaller parts and upload in parallel threads.
  • Compare and Sync [PRO]
    Automatically identify updated or new files to transfer across S3 buckets and local folders.
  • Versioning and Lifecycle
    Leverage Amazon versioning and lifecycle rules to archive objects to Glacier or delete.
  • Bucket Policy and ACL Editor
    Create and edit conditional rules for managing access to the buckets and objects in a few simple steps
  • Multi-Object Delete Support
    Save on request cost. You can send only one delete request to remove up to 1000 files.
  • Search, Open and Edit Files in S3 Buckets
    Open your Word, Excel or other files to edit directly on Amazon S3 and Explorer will upload the updated version upon file save.
  • Object Expiration
    Schedule the deletion of your objects after a pre-defined time period.
  • RRS Support
    Reduce your costs by storing non-critical, reproducible data at lower levels of redundancy than Amazon S3's standard storage.
  • AWS Import/Export Support
    Create and manage AWS Import/Export jobs.
  • FTP/SFTP Support [PRO]
    Move files between your local storage and FTP/SFTP server.
  • Upload Rules [PRO]
    Optionally enable encryption and compression for selected buckets and also configure the predefined set of HTTP headers for every upload.
  • Static Website on S3 and File Sharing
    Host static web-sites on S3 by setting bucket as a web-site and generate time limited/signed, CNAME or default web URLs to share files.
  • Server Side Encryption and SSE-C Support
    Encrypt data on Amazon S3 sever using automatically generated key or with a user defined key.
  • Reporting
    Security assessments reports and capacity reports. Amazon S3 and CloudFront log viewer.

Here is my conclusion.


Pretty easy to use

Many different options

There is a Power Shell snap in

Allows transfer between multiple storage solutions

Shows you current storage type

Very stable application (I have never had a crash)

Allows upload to the cheaper Reduced Redundancy Storage

Has Server Side Encryption



Cost of $39.99 might be a too high for some people

All the different options on the Menu might be a bit overwhelming for some folks

So if you are looking for a program to use to backup up your websites or any other reason that you need to upload and download data easily, then I would highly recommend the CloudBerry Explorer. So take their 15 day trial, what have you got to lose.

Here is the link to give it a try:

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