Dec 152014

Lisa asks…

First Time Blogger WordPress Tips/Advice?

I have finally decided that yes I want to create that blogging website using WordPress but I am now after any advice/good websites/Tips with reference to Blogs.

I want to read about anything I can, from blogging language to raising search engine ranking.

Everything Welcome

Thanks In Advance

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

The best tip I can give is to not edit your thoughts, so to speak. As soon as you decide the topic for an entry, just type. Whatever ccomes to mind, type it. Only go back and edit the grammer, seplling and word-choice. Do NOT second guess your thoughts. People read blogs for opinions, and too often I see “bloggers” trying to say what they think people will want to read, and then they end up losing readers. If I wanted facts on a sports game, I would go to ESPN, but I want a perspective of “someone like me”. Keep true to that and you will do fine.

Its also a good idea to have some weekly item in your Blogs. Like, ever week you have a certain type of entry about something. A very basic example is just a joke of the week, but do soemthing thats not so lame. Just something that readers can expect to see each week and keep them comming back. My Friends and I had a blog that we had a section each week for the top 3 “one-liners” we either said or heard throughout the week. This got a bunch of commentary about people laughing over the quotes we put in. Weekly events is a great way to attract blog readers.

Good luck!!

Chris asks…

Blogging and SEO Question: Blogger?

Our company got a blog that is through Blogger but hosted through our domain. Transferring into WordPress or something else is not an option right now. I just notice that the blog pages are 3 levels down in the directory, and I worry that the Googlebots and other search engine robots will not find these blogs.

The goal was to have lots of blog writing, have lots of words indexed by the search engine, and more long tail visibility.

Any tips on how to make the blog show up one level down?

One more thing, there is little icon from Feedburner on our home page that randomizes blog entries to click on, however, it goes to the feedburner site, shows a bunch of feeds and you have to click to get to the blog. I am afraid this is not as direct for the purposes of SEO as we would want.

Any blogging experts out there with answers? Thank you kindly. Lani

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Sign-up for Google Webmaster Tools and you can find out the best practices for getting indexed and monitoring your results. Yahoo and MSN have similar programs.

Regarding URL structure, I wouldn’t worry a ton about it right now. Google owns Blogger, I don’t think they’d put you in a bad spot. Focus on writing quality content and staying on topic.

In Feedburner you can adjust that under “Publicize > Subscription Management.” Google owns FeedBurner too.

Good luck!

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Dec 152014

Richard asks…

wordpress blog?

i have my blog . can i use wordpress softwre to write on my blog?if yes how?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Your blog is on wordpress and you are asking if you can use wordpress software to write on your blog? 🙂

You need your admin login details to get into the cms.

It will look like this:
admin / demo

Laura asks…

WordPress Blog…?

I keep trying to upload a custom header image on my wordpress blog but everytime I try the to choose a file… the “choose” button ,when the page loads, appears in the correct spot for a second and then moves lower down and a grey box appears over it and I can’t click on it..what is wrong? if it helps I have a mac and use safari as my browser…

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

You should’ve mentioned which theme you’re using, because some themes want you to upload the image directly from your computer and some wants the url. Also, all the themes have different file size requirment.
The problem you’re having, I think, it’s because of the activex controls and all. Try a different browser, but as far as I know, firefox would do it.
No, it’s the same if you’re using a mac. The OS doesn’t have anything to do with it. But one thing is for sure, if you’re on windows NEVER EVER use the windows version of safari. It might be real fast on Mac, but it’s slow as hell on windows. So, don’t even think about it. I know that wasn’t what you were asking, but that’s a good thing to know, right?
So, first, try to reset aaallll the settings of your internet browser (IE / Firefox / Opera / whatever). If it doesn’t work, try to use another browser. And make sure you leave all the settings to default when it asks you.

I hope I’ve helped you,
If you have any questions, email me.
Good Luck

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Dec 152014

Charles asks…


ive got alot of free time on my hands recently, so ive decided to start blogging again,

does anybody know any good blogging sites which are free and easy to use?? (apart from tumbr and blogger/google )

thanks (:

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Pen is the fastest way to publish content online. The tool allows you to quickly create beautiful text based pages in just seconds. The focus on Pen is all about the content.
Penzu is a free online diary and personal journal with afocus on privacy. Easily keep a secret diary of thoughtsor a journal of notes and ideas secure and on the web.

You can use LiveJournal in many ways: a private journal, a blog, a discussion forum or a social network.

Create your private diary with text, photos, videos and web links. Also, make a shared diary to do all this with friends too.
With Ipernity you can:- Publish whatever you like : blog, photos, videos, audios- Customize your own Ipernity page (like at Myspace)- Share what you want with people who matter to you or with the whole world- Create a powerful page with only the stuff that matters to you
TypePad professional designs and customize it over time. You have complete control of your design. Want an active community of readers and commenters? TypePad has the tools you need to manage the conversation.

Http:// is an easy and powerful way to start blogging.

Create a blog in 3 easy steps:
Create an account
Name your blog
Choose a template
BTemplates is a gallery that shows, describes and ranks the best templates for Google’s platform for blogs. It was the first blogger templates gallery created in March 2008 and currently has the largest collection of templates.
Control exactly who gets to see each of your posts and photos.
See all the posts from your friends and family on one page.
Bring in content from other web services you already use (Amazon, YouTube, more).
Soup is a tumblelog, a super-easy blog that can do more than just text: post links, quotes, videos, audio, files, reviews and events.

Http:// is the easiest way to start a blog, publish your thoughts and to place your links.

On Netlog, you can create your own account with pictures, blogs, a guestbook, and much more. You can find people from your area, expand your friends network, or find people having the same interests as you.

Linda asks…

Blogging ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

So I kinda wanna get into blogging. I was wondering where can I make a blog where people might actually read it?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

There are many great free websites for blogging

Those are the four most popular is a huge blogging community. The blogging features are not as great, but the community is very active

For people who will want to read it: that is really up to you to provide something entertaining to read. A better question is then how to you get people to find your blog?

That involves a lot of internet marketing and networking. Anywhere you can post your blog URL, do it. The easiest way is forum marketing. Find forums related to you or your blog, put your blog in your signature, and be an active participant on the forums. The second way is guest blogging. Find related blogs in your niche and start commenting on blog posts, and then once you’ve build a relationship with that blogger, then see if you can guest blog for them.

For the rest of it, anywhere where you make a useful addition to an internet community and can post your URL, do it 🙂

Good luck!

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Dec 152014

Steven asks…

What are the differences between GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting and Basic Hosting Plans?

GoDaddy offers a specific WordPress hosting plan for a website and a basic hosting plan however, the basic plan offers an install of WordPress as an option. They both cost the same amount. I don’t want to put myself in the situation where I can’t switch back from WordPress if I don’t want to run a blog, but want to keep the hosting. Can someone explain the differences between the two plans?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

I think they’re basically the same plan – more of a marketing tactic than anything. I’d go with the regular hosting plan, just to make sure you can easily install other types of software if you’d like.

Lisa asks…

What are some free wordpress hosting websites ?

I need a free wordpress hosting website so I can host my wordpress website.
Also id you download the software from and install it how do you host it ?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

1. WordPress is FREE

First of all , if you prefer a domain like :- , it is completely free. So as with Blogger as well. WordPress only hosts it.

2. Go with own domain

You will need a hosting provided you want some domain like :- etc. Better go with your own domain + hosting. Then you can not only get the main domain but many other subdomains for FREE – unlimited number of subdomains.

3, Subdomains – unlimited

I do not know your business idea. But if you have got 100 or 1000 s of ideas :- you can very easily make sites with those ideas like :- , , so on & so forth.

4. Annual Cost

This is only possible if you do your own hosting-self hosted WordPress blog- believe me it is very very easy. The domain + Hosting may cost you to the tune of $ 25 [max]. For one domain. Recommended to start with 1 domain + 1 hosting to start up. Once you catch up , can get multiple domains etc. Better plans available. But better start small. Baby steps.

5. WordPress Set up is very very easy.

Once you understand the installation , can do this very very easily. What you have to do is :- Get a LINUX hosting account [ does not matter even if you have windows on your PC]. In linux , you get a software called fantastico , it makes your job idiot-proof. Once you learn the skills , can repeat for every subdomain.

6. Every subdomain – new site – new idea – new business for you.

I hope you are pretty clear now , why to host with self hosted WordPress service.

You can see more details on this topic on the site I have shared in the source area. Please select the respective category in the right side bar to read details about the subject.

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Dec 152014

Ken asks…

Can I post from livejournal to blogger or wordpress?

If you have a livejournal account, is there a way to automatically have some or all of your posts also be posted on wordpress, blogger, or any other place where you maintain a different blog? Can someone provide detailed instructions or a link explaining it all? I want to go from livejournal to another place.

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

I think there is a way to repost all of them to another bloging platform using its feeds. Try using bogger, it is way to flexible not to do this. YOu may even try this article

Daniel asks…

which is the best site for starting a blog out of wordpress blogger intuit typepad homestead or other?

which is the best site for starting a blog out of wordpress blogger intuit typepad homestead or other?
the blog site does not have to be the ones i mentioned. if you know of a good low cost to free site, please let me know.

i would like to write a blog with my persnoal logos, multiple links to other sites, several pages for addtional product reviews and allows many pictures. what is the best blog site use?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

There are a few different options for you. IF your looking to start a blog and have limited web experience your BEST option is It is incredibly easy to use and can easily help you post links and stuff like that.

If youre a bit more on the advanced then wordpress is definitely the best option. I would only choose between the two (and I have tried them all).

In fact I produced a few videos on wordpress to help people get started at Either option is good though.

I would definitely avoid the others on the list for the simple reason that they do not offer anything more than blogger or wordpress offer and blogger and wordpress are the most used blogging tools on the web.

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Dec 152014

Jenny asks…

blog sites?

does anyone know any blog sites for teens? nothing to adultish just kinda a cool place to blog and chat and stuff like that. thanx guyys

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Here’s a link to five different articles that discuss the best blogs in various categories, including teens.


George asks…

Blog sites?

What are some good blog sites?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Ohh there’s a ton of blogs I read, some are

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Dec 152014

Mary asks…

could someone explain to me exactly how I would make money blogging?

I am a little confused on exactly how I would make money by blogging, I mean who pay me and how, once I blog who come to my page and how do I get them there. I really appreciate if some one could break it down for me.


Herschel Lawhorn answers:

Most die-hard bloggers have heard that you can make money blogging, but some don’t realize how easy it can be. From Google Adsense to pay per post deals, it’s never been easier to make money blogging. But should a blogger sell out to a pay per post or add revenue site? What are the most popular pay per post blog revenue sites to make money blogging today?

Blogitive, at is a pay per post site that offers jobs on a first come, first served irregular basis. When clients buy advertising, the jobs are posted, and the first bloggers to accept the jobs get them. Pay is $5 per post, but a little creative writing work is necessary to get blogitive to accept a blog posting. You are given a lengthy press release, and you must incorporate it into your blog along with a link to the client. You must only use one client link, which is attached to a special keyword. Blogitive pays decently, and is somewhat reliable with payment. Jobs are infrequent, but the more blogs you have listed with blogitive, the better your chances of obtaining a job will be. They pay every dime you make money blogging through paypal.

Bloggingads, at is a startup blog pay per post site. They also pay $5 through paypal per ad. They offer the entire ad, which can be copied word for word and pasted into the blog, or you can make the ad your own by altering it. It is an easy way to make money blogging. Bloggingads does not have a lot of jobs to offer, but they pay for the test blog entry. Unlike blogitive, bloggingads puts their client / blogger information on the same page. Blogitive puts its client advertisements on a separate site that is not attached to the blogger base.

Blogsvertise, at is a newer blog pay per post site. Blog sites must be approved, and topics are assigned to members. They do not offer a press release. You must check for tasks, and they pay through paypal. This site is not necessarily for link exchange, but more so for buzz growth. They pay ten dollars for an entry, which is a good rate to make money blogging, but if the quality of the blog increases, pay increases. They are not too selective with blogs as long as they are blogs with real writing in it and not bot writing.

Pay Per Post, at is a blog revenue site that is very selective with the blogs it chooses, but assignments are easy. The problem with pay per post is that they do not always make clear regulations, they have a tiny link to track blog posts, which leads to confusion, and they are not very user-friendly for all bloggers. In addition, they require a lot of personal information to submit your blog, a practice that has bloggers leery of their practices. Some feel that pay per post is an awful way to make money blogging. Pay per post pays relatively well depending on the project. Some offer over ten dollars for the post. Of course, these sites are only for pay per post. There are other ways to make money blogging like Adsense, pay to blog which is basically a glorified blog site. The pay per post sites are great because a blogger can use a little bit of time and make a nice amount of grocery money. As clients increase, pay per post jobs become more frequent, which is quite nice for those who make money blogging. The problem with pay per post blogging is basic. If you want to make adsense money, it is likely that your blog will be picked on eventually as an SEO link spammer.

Some will not make money blogging both with Adsense and pay per post. To keep this from happening, a lot of blog for cash sites suggest against the pay per post types of revenue sites if your Google ranking is better than five. Proponents of pay per post sites clarify that Google Adsense is often a limited venture, with very little revenue possible for most bloggers, so why not pay per post to make money blogging. Pay per post does tend to look funny on some blogs, and others it is basically used as a writing challenge or fun game of “Let’s see how I can get this ad to fit in my blog.”

The more serious of bloggers try to keep one “virgin blog” without advertisements of any kind and then run a few revenue blogs at the same time. For the prolific, this arrangement can net a little extra money and prove to be a great diversion. Pay per post sites are yet another way to make money blogging, a trend that is certain to grow as bloggers and companies needing the buzz of the blog unite for mutual benefit. If you want to make money blogging, all you need is a blog, some time, and the willingness to participate.

Chris asks…

How can I make money blogging?

I just got a great idea for a blog. Any good sites for me to blog on? Would it be better to start my own website/domain? What are the ways I could make money from blogging? Is it solely advertising?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

First off, definitely get your own domain name, it will be a lot better for you in the long run. As far as monetizing a blog, there are many different ways, you mentioned advertising which is the obvious choice, however you need a large amount of traffic to make a decent amount of money with advertising. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money, depending on your niche. Amazon and eBay have programs that allow you to show products on your site, and get a % based commission off every sale made. You can also sign up with an affiliate marketplace, like Click Bank – they have many different products you can sell in a variety of niches. Some of them pay as high as 75% commission. You can also run a membership site, where some of the content is free, and the rest is hidden unless you are a paid member. Again you’ll need a decent amount of traffic for this, and really good content.

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Dec 152014

Susan asks…

How many MBs does wordpress take to download?

I want to download wordpress but i dont know how many Megabites it takes to download.

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

It’s almost 5 megs.

Daniel asks…

How download my wordpress blog to my computer?

Is there a way to download my wordpress blog so i can sell it with all the files, images, posts etc? I know what your thinking ..just transfer it. But i have a niche blog and want to sell more than once.

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

1) Download Filezilla program.
2) Connect to your ftp and download wp-content files.
3) Then download your database via phpmyadmin.

Or use backup via cpanel.

Sorry for my english. But i think you must understand.

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