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Why network marketing: http://5linxplaybook.com In this show Oprah interview Robert Kiyosaki as he talks about ways to boost your income without picking up a…
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Why Network Marketing - Top 4 reasons to do network marketing (and Top 4 reasons NOT to)

Why Network Marketing? Here’s the top 4 reasons. http://www.successwithtyson.com/tracker/in/?id=66 Click this link to discover the 3 simple steps to marketin…


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  5. MLM’s are product based pyramid schemes – they are bad business – do not join and dont listen to these comments trying to solicit you- they are no good. I would like to know what home based business this guy actually made.

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  10. Stay away from MLM’s that are heavily based on recruiting over product.

  11. 1 person cannot accept that he is poor 🙂
    and that person cannot accept the fact that network marketing is one of the solution to his/her problem 🙂

  12. Network Marketing is a great business model but you also have to find the right company selling quality products which have to be so good the customers keep on being customers for years to come so you get paid royalties for a long time. My company has a customer consistency of ~80% which is something never seen before in the industry. We’re expanding to the US when the logistics get fully working, if you want to build yourself the lifestyle everybody wants, contact me and we’ll make it reality!

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  18. Call it whatever you want. It’s the industry of the future. This group is created for people who are in different MLM companies. Or for people who are considering joining the MLM industry. To share / exchange experiences & knowledge. To provide tips, and updates about the MLM world. To share books, videos, audios, webinars & products. To help each other out regardless which company the individual is in. Sharing is Caring
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  19. I’m involved in Vemma guys, there are many good ones out there, THE ONLY PROBLEM is that other businessess make it their GOAL to RUIN other businesses instead or working together. So IF ANY BUSINESS PARTNER trys to tell you no dont do THAT ONE DO OURS, becareful, CAUSE MLM is not about ruining others business, ITS ABOUT HELPING EVERYONE FLOURISH IN IT,
    I”VE SEEN THAT Already and that actually tells me no, FIND WHAT YOU LIKE,

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  21. I’ve listened to a lot of his rich dad poor dad audio books. I try to get as many people as I can to them . As far as MLM goes, a friend of mine told me about vemma. While looking up videos on YT I saw wakeupnow and I joined up. Look it up or message me if you have a question

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  24. Yes I need leads. I have ran out of family and friends and I still want them lol.

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