Dec 162014

Donna asks…

Why is TNA assumed to be “inferior” by many people?

Slammiversary was the best PPV for a long time by both WWE and TNA yet people are calling it terrible. Is this a typical case of shotsighted WWE fan boys, has Michael Cole been blogging again?

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

People call TNA inferior because it is inferior to WWE right now as far as popularity goes, I mean WWE gets like 3million viewers and TNA gets roughly 1million viewers. Now I am a fan of both companies and personally I enjoy TNA more than WWE these days because TNA is TV-14 and not PG so I can see blood, swearing and some hardcore wrestling.

As far as Slammiversary goes, it was good even some of the matches that I thought would be lame were actually pretty good like Kendrick vs Doug Williams and Jay Lethal vs AJ. However I wouldn’t go as far to say that it was the best ppv in a long time by TNA or WWE, I personally think Wrestlemania 26 was better than Slammiversary, but not by far.

Steven asks…

should i start video blogging . . . ?

hey ! so im a teenage girl. and i recently got inspired to start video blogging because i love watch the 5 awesome girls vlog and the 5 awesome guys vlog. and i really want to give it a go. apparently they all ended up making tons of friends within the youtube community and its a great experience. bt im kind of nervous. should i try it?

should i start one by myself or with someone else? how do i get a lot of subscribers? is it safe? please tell me some information . . . and if you are a teenage girl or boy with a video blog that i can watch. alright thanks !

Herschel Lawhorn answers:


If its what you want to do.

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