Dec 152014

Robert asks…

Which blog site should I use? Blogger vs. WordPress And what should I include in said blog?

So, I’ve heard it depends on what kind of blog you are going to create. I want to create a blog, but it’s going to be kind of random, no select theme. I’m interested in a lit of things, you know? Like video games, political interests, theology/atheism, sci-fi, fantasy(like books and television), dealing with my eating disorder, I’m kind of a foodie, I’m really into my studies, I am very much into biology, anthropology and astrophysics as well… see, there are so many things.
First of all, what could I include in my blog? Is it good that my interests are so diverse? And should I use Blogger or WordPress, judging by my interests?
Sorry, I’m a blogging noob.
oops, second sentence at the end, I meant *lot

Herschel Lawhorn answers:

It’s the best to write on what you’re passionate about.

These are some of the most popular free blogging platforms:
1. Posterous
2. Tumblr
3. Blogger
4. WordPress

Just choose one which you like the most.

If you want to create a real website like you need to get paid hosting and a domain name like one of these:

iPage has the best offer right now.
Their standard price is $84/year ($6.95) but they have
a 50% sale, one year of hosting for $42.00.
(a free domain name like is included)

They also include a free point & click online site builder so you can create a website without any programming (easily, just by drag and drop) or you could install WordPress (they include easy, one click install from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

They also have a great custom control panel with OneClick installs of all the popular software like WordPress, Joomla, Forums, Chat, Galleries, Online stores and a lot more.

Mark asks…

Which is the better site to blog?

Hopefully I’m in the right category…

I’m trying to decide between WordPress and Blogger, I was told that they the best blogging websites out there and they are free. I basically want to blog about poetry and reviews on books and just network with people who share those interests. I’m not looking for a social networking site, I’m already on them. Also, it would be great if the site is public so that anyone can read the blogs and you don’t have to be a member.

Thanks for taking the time:)

Herschel Lawhorn answers:, it’s the best for sure
Protect your Privacy with Private Domain Registrations
Protect your Privacy with Private Domain Registrations
24/7 Support
Free Features
WordPress Apps
VideoPress Video Sharing
Popular Tags
Much, much more

Yes you can change the color of the layout and edit the css(If you know how) and who would want Google Adsense anyway, not me for sure

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